Request Payment Services

LeaseLine uses Stripe to securely send money to users. You might choose to process through LeaseLine because we can provide refunds. Fill out this form and email LeaseLine with the subject line as "Your Name requesting payment services" if you want us to help facilitate a payment transaction. We'll collect the money from the Lister and securely send it to the New Tenant or vice versa. This works for one time payments and monthly subscriptions. 

Both Listers and New Tenants fill out this section:

Are you the Lister or New Tenant?

How much does the Lister need to pay the New Tenant per month to make up the difference in rent you owe the landlord ($ per month)? 

What day of the month is rent due according the lease? 


How do you want to get charged/paid out?

Do you give permission to LeaseLine to transfer/charge you money for this service? 

Only the person collecting money should fill out this section (skip to bottom to submit):

How would you like the money to be transferred every month? 

If you chose Venmo, enter your Venmo username below.

If you chose mailed check, enter your address.