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Does my request need to be accepted by the Lister?

Yes. After you make a request to sublease a space, the Lister then has the option to either accept or decline your request. You will only be charged if the Lister accepts the transaction within 3 days. If the Lister declines or does not respond, you are not billed.


How do I find out the exact address of the property?

Exact addresses should only be shared through the messaging platform after a request is accepted, the necessary paperwork is signed to confirm the New Tenant will be renting the space, and payment is made. 


How many subleasing requests can I send at one time? 

You can request as many spaces as you want but remember, if a Lister accepts your request, you will be charged. One of the reasons LeaseLine was created is to prevent New Tenants from shopping around and backing out of deals, which is very frustrating for Listers. Listers have 3 days to accept a subleasing request. After that, the transaction will be cancelled and it is safe to request another place. LeaseLine advises New Tenants to make one request at a time.

How do I cancel my request?

Once you request to sublease a space, the Lister is the only one that can accept or cancel the request. If the Lister accepts the request, you will be charged. If the Lister cancels the request, you will not be charged and it the charge will appear as cancelled on your bank statement within 5 - 10 business days. Once the request is accepted by the Lister, New Tenants have the option to either confirm or dispute the request. Disputing the order does not mean the New Tenant receives a refund immediately. You can confirm or dispute the request in the messaging platform. Read more about cancellations, refunds and disputes here.


How do I list my place?

First, sign up for LeaseLine with Facebook or a verified email address. Complete the second step of registering by adding your payment details here. Then, you’ll head to List Your Space to add a title, price, description and photos. Hit the save button when you are done and wait for requests! During this time you can play air hockey, do homework, eat a snack, take a vacation, or learn how to do a backflip.

Should I tell my landlord I will be subleasing my space?​

Although we do not work with landlords or leasing offices, we recommend you be fully transparent when listing, which may mean signing official subleasing contracts or verbally letting your landlord know. Always remember to review the subletting clause in your lease before listing your space! LeaseLine does not tolerate illegal subletting. 


How do I change the price of my space?

You can change the price of your space before accepting a request by heading to your profile, clicking on your listing and going to the edit listing link on the right side of the page. Check out similar listings to get a price estimate. Once you confirm a request, the money will be issued to your bank account within a week. 


Can I reject a subleasing request?

After a subleasing request is made, you have 3 days to accept or deny it before it expires. You will receive an email as well as a message to your LeaseLine account asking you to confirm or cancel the request. 


Can multiple New Tenants request my place?

You can receive multiple subleasing requests, but you should only accept one.


What should I do once I’ve accepted a request?

It is important to provide the New Tenant with any necessary information they should know before moving in. Additionally, you should send over any contracts the New Tenants needs to sign, or landlord contact information to officially hand over your place. Some landlords allow you to release your space while others only allow you to sublease. Know the difference! Releasing means that once the New Tenant signs the paperwork, you as a Lister are no longer responsible for the space.

If you sublease your space, you are still responsible for rent and the condition of your space. If you can only sublease your space, we recommend creating a side contract between you and your New Tenant. Communication is key! Check your original lease with your landlord to review the subleasing/releasing terms.


Download a sample sublease side contract below:



My place is no longer available. How do I remove it from the listings?

When you view your listing, on the right hand side of the page you have the option of closing your listing. 


What info should I share in messages?

If you want to know more about a Lister or New Tenant, don't be afraid to ask. After all, it's your place. If a New Tenant has confirmed a sublease request, the Lister should provide more details on next steps in terms of signing contracts and the move-in procedures. We discourage the sharing of contact info, such as phone numbers, email addresses, or social profiles within messages before a transaction is complete. This helps create a safe and private marketplace. 

Do I have to message the Lister before subleasing their space?

You do not have to message before subleasing but it's always good to reach out to the Lister to introduce yourself and explain why you are interested in staying in their place. Listers are more likely to accept a request if they know a little more about you. 

What happens if I can't get in touch with my Lister/New Tenant after the request was confirmed?

If a Lister/New Tenant does not respond to your messages after the request was confirmed, reach out to our support team at leaselineteam@gmail.com.

Can I send attachments to my Lister/New Tenant?

If you want to share photos, videos or files you can attach links in the description section of your listing. If you want to send your Lister/New Tenant content in messages, we recommend sharing files via Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Payments and Pricing


Pricing for New Tenants:

New Tenants should only be paying a price equal to the first month's rent the Lister decides to charge. Rent due after the first month should only be paid to the Lister is the Lister has already paid the landlord for those months. It is up to the Lister whether to include utilities, signing fees or other costs in the total price. New Tenants will only be charged if and when the Lister accepts the request. Disputes must me made within 90 days of the Lister accepting the sublease request. If the request expires, or the Lister declines it, the New Tenant will not be charged. New Tenants are not charged any service fees from LeaseLine. 

If the New Tenant subleases at a monthly rent price lower what the Lister pays the landlord, the New Tenant should either collect the difference from the Lister for all the months they plan to sublease or ask the Lister to pay the landlord the difference prior to signing any contracts. LeaseLine can also handle discount rent payments. 

For example, if the New Tenant subleases a space for $700 when the actual rent is $1,000, and they plan to stay for 6 months, the Lister should pay the New Tenant or the landlord ($1,000 - $700) x 6 months = $1,800 to cover the difference in rent. 

Pricing for Listers:

The listing price should be set to reflect first month's rent the Lister wants to collect from the New Tenant plus the 4% processing fee charged to the Lister when they successfully sublease. Lister's should also consider utilities, signing fees or other costs owed to the landlord they may want covered. First month's rent will always be paid by the Lister to the Landlord on behalf of the New Tenant. Listers agree to do this when listing their space on LeaseLine. 


Listers will receive the New Tenants payment when either the transaction is manually marked as completed by the New Tenant or when the transaction is automatically marked as completed 90 days after the payment is made. 

If the Lister sets a rent price lower than the rent they currently pay their landlord, they should either pay the New Tenant or the landlord the difference for all the months. Contact LeaseLine if you want a secure way of sending the New Tenant the difference in rent. 

For example, if the Lister offers a rent price of $700 for the first month when they pay the landlord $1,000 a month, and the New Tenant signs a sublease for 6 months, the Lister should pay the New Tenant or the landlord the difference of
($1,000-$700) x 6 months = $1,800.


How does the payment process work? 

The price listed should reflect first month's rent plus the processing fee that Listers pay. As a New Tenant, you should not have to pay any rent for the following months to the Lister, unless the Lister has already paid the Landlord for future month's rent. ​All payments are processed securely through Stripe. Listers have 3 days to accpet a subleasing request. After that, the transaction will be cancelled.

Payment Process:

  1. New Tenant requests to sublease the space and makes the payment.

  2. Lister accepts the request and Stripe pre-authorizes the payment (escrow).

  3. New Tenant marks the order as completed or the order is automatically marked as completed after 90 days. 

  4. Stripe transfers the money from the Stripe balance to the Lister's bank account. Stripe takes about 7 days to credit the Lister's account.

Can New Tenants be billed monthly? 

There should be no need for New Tenants to be billed monthly since they are only paying for the first month's rent. If Listers are subleasing (not releasing) their space and need a secure way to charge New Tenants rent, they can contact LeaseLine to set up a recurring billing plan. 

How do refunds work? 

Once the New Tenant request to sublease a space, they can not cancel the payment. It is up to the Lister to cancel or accept the request. If the Lister cancels the request, the payment will be refunded to the New Tenant within 5 -10 business days. Once the Lister accepts a sublease request, the New Tenant has the option to either confirm or dispute the payment. The New Tenant will receive an email and a message on LeaseLine asking them to confirm or dispute the transaction. Full or partial refunds can be issued by LeaseLine depending on why the transaction is being disputed. Full refunds can only be issued if the transaction has not been marked as completed by the New Tenant or automatically marked as completed after 90 days.  

Transactions should only be marked as completed when the new lease is signed. 

Disputing a transaction:

  • Disputing a transaction DOES NOT automatically refund the payment. 

  • When a transaction is disputed, the status of the transaction changes to canceled.

  • LeaseLine needs to manually issue the refund (processed within 5-10 business days). If it is decided that a refund will not be issued, the money will be transferred to the seller. This, however, takes Stripe 85 days from when the seller accepted the transaction.

  • Both users can still review each other after a dispute.

If you have any other questions or recommendations for LeaseLine, please contact our team at leaselineteam@gmail.com