About LeaseLine

LeaseLine helps students find and list places to sublet by simplifying the complex leasing and payment process.

Aaron | Founder

Every Year students sign 12 month leases to live in apartments and houses close to campus. And every year they have faced the same problem. Although leases typically last 12 months, many students go home for the summer or travel abroad and abandon their spaces for the remainder of their lease terms. To save money on rent, they look to sublet their spaces but the process can be stressful and confusing. 


Leaseline  provides a more simple way to sublet by creating a secure and standardized platform while offering resources to educate and guide users.

Why  a pineapple? In the South, the pineapple is recognized as a symbol for hospitality and community– one of LeaseLine's core values. 

We Commit To...


Providing our best hospitality through safety and simplicity.


Making sure you know everything we know.


Delivering the best subletting experience out there.