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A community of students
sharing short-term housing opportunities


LeaseLine serves students by helping them find and list places to rent while simplifying an otherwise complex subletting process.

Step 1 

New Tenant sees a place they're interested in subletting and requests the space.

Step 2 

New Tenant and Lister chat and discuss details on LeaseLine (move in date, procedure, costs, etc).

Step 3 

After finalizing the deal with the landlord, a sublet or relet contract should be signed and keys transferred. 


How we compare to our competitors

Facebook Groups
Off-Campus Housing
Designed for Sublets
Students Only
Consistent Listing Format
Filter Listings
Verified Listings

Listers: Need a secure way of collecting rent from a New Tenant? When you list your space on LeaseLine, you enable/disable a payment feature to collect first month's rent on the price you set for your listing.

New Tenants: Subletting at a discount where you and the Lister agreed on a rent amount different than what the landlord is owed? With the approval of the Lister, LeaseLine can manage, schedule and charge payments. Fill out this form and contact LeaseLine if you want us to help you with that! 


We were students too. We get it. That's why we provide you with personal support to educate you through the entire process. We understand subletting can be confusing and complicated, so we promise to do our best to make it as simple and secure as possible for you. 

We want you to know everything we know. 

Don't Just Take Our Word for It




I prefer listing my apartment on LeaseLine because it's designed specifically for sublets and relets.



I feel much safer doing business on LeaseLine knowing all listings are real.

LeaseLine was always willing to help me make sure I took the right steps to securely sublet my space. It's also nice to save money!


Avani - MD


Gabby - NJ

Charlie - NY

Charlie - NY



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